Bonus spaces in nice places- 9018 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64114


On a quiet little tree-lined street called Main Street, which isn’t really a main street in this part of Kansas City, sits a white ranch-style house where a family of four has made it into a home.

This house is truly larger than it looks. You walk in to a nice front living room with gleaming hardwoods, and soon notice those hardwoods stretch from room to room. You go to your left, and after the first, redone full bathroom, you find all three bedrooms.


The kitchen is large and allows you to have a breakfast table, but also opens up to dining area and a huge bonus second living area. New windows throughout, a nice deck off the bonus living area, and a great backyard.


If this isn’t enough space for you, go through the attached garage to the huge basement. Not only does it have tons of space for storage, but it is easily finishable if you need another entertaining area or bedroom.

I will be holding this home open on Sunday, July 27th, 2014 from 2 -4 pm. Please come check it out and find out what you can to do to make it your own.

For more information or to view this listing online, please click here.
Or, you can call me, Stacy Porto, at 816-401-6514 or email me at I love selling Kansas City, and can’t wait to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

What Kind of Realtor Am I?

I’ve had some interesting experiences lately in the real estate world. Recently, I represented a buyer who instantly fell in love with a home, after searching for over a year. They made an offer at list price, which was accepted. We scheduled inspections. A few days later, it came to my attention that the seller, through his agent, accepted a higher offer that came in after we had an agreement.

This is unethical and wrong. Period. But it happens. My buyers lost their house because it was pretty much stolen from them.

Fast forward a few weeks later, when I got multiple offers on one of my listings. Naturally, I wanted to get my friends, the sellers, the best price for their house. I could’ve shopped the offers around, but I had a moment much like I have had in my legal career. I needed to decide – what kind of person do I want to be? What kind of realtor do I want to be? Do I want to break ethical codes and laws to make a few more dollars? No. More so, do I want to make a career based in dishonesty? Absolutely not.

Years from now, when my clients come back to me to sell their houses or buy new ones, I want it to be because I am honest. That is why I will never recommend someone who does a bad job, I will never break the law, and as a lawyer and a realtor, I guarantee to uphold what I believe is the sanctity of a contract. If the written word isn’t good enough, what is?

First time Buying…

Don’t get me wrong, I love my house. Every square foot of it. It was my first house, and looking back, if I had known a few more things then that I do now, I probably would’ve approached the first-time home buying experience differently.

I would’ve approached it looking at what I may need to spend after I buy it. I have had to do some major upgrades to my home – new appliances, painting, a new mainline (welcome to Armour Hills) wood rot (still in the works), drainage, the list goes on. The bills add up. My investment grows bigger…

This is why I love my listing at 7616 Marty Street in Overland Park, Kansas – to me, it seems like a first-time buyer’s dream come true. Almost every major update has been done. The windows aren’t from 1928. The siding is brand new. The sellers have loved their starter home and improved it endlessly so that someone else can just move in and not have to worry. There are even items you wouldn’t find in any old house, including my Brookside home, that would be great to have.



7616 Marty has charm. It also happens to have a new water softener and a water purifier. It has a new front deck, a new back deck, and a back patio. While most homes near Downtown Overland Park don’t have basements, this one has a huge oversized finished basement with a full bathroom. It could be a bedroom and a man-cave, or in my case, a woman-cave. It has an open updated kitchen perfect for cooking all those vegetables you buy at the nearby Overland Park Farmers Market.


What isn’t include with 7616 Marty Street? Anxiety about potentially spending money after you move in on unforeseen expenses.  And a big beautiful fully landscaped backyard.


Tons of space with tons of updates means a super good deal for a first-time buyer. I can’t wait to see who makes this their new home.

If you are interested in viewing this home, finding a new one, or figuring out how to fix yours up to sell, please contact me at 816-401-6514 or #sellingkc


Google what?

Google Fiber.

You can have your Comcast or your Time Warner cable or even your bunny ears. In fact, when I first met my husband, I didn’t even cable.  I had 3 DVDs. That all quickly changed because he got tired of watching the movie Stand by Me, but whatever.

How could I ignore the hype that my neighborhood was one of the first across the country to be chosen to be a fiberhood? The campaign part of me loved the yard signs of the little fibrous bunny jumping across Armour Hills front yards. It was a marketing dream come true. The Kansas City part of me loved that fact that we really were becoming the Silicon Prairie.


I write about Google Fiber because it seems so many people have asked me about it lately as it is slowly making its way to South Kansas City. My answer is yes, most definitely, sign up for it. True, it is lightning fast. I don’t even remember what buffering is. Sometimes I prefer to work from my home office just because the Internet speed satisfies my multi-task addiction of doing one million things at once.

But my recommendation you sign up for Google Fiber goes deeper than just me being able to do things quickly or a million tv channels and a Smart TV. It goes to the value you place in your home and your resale potential. During the span of my real estate career, I have held tons of Open Houses. I am able to meet your average buyer, typical home shopper, and nosy neighbor. One frequent question I get about all of my listings is: “Does this house have Google Fiber?”

Two weeks ago I was in a Brookside home and had to answer no and the person walked out the door. I asked the homeowner why they didn’t sign up, and they responded that they were moving, so why pay the $10.00 sign-up fee? Trust me, friends, sign up. It is another great way to advertise your house to potential buyers. It is a selling point. It is something that the potential buyer can’t just sign up for on their own – you have to do it by the deadline to qualify or wait an undetermined amount of time before the next sign up, and no one wants to be forced to call Comcast.

You can check out more about Google Fiber in the Kansas City area by clicking here:

And no worries if you are on the other side of State Line, you’ll get connected sometime this year.

5740 Central Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64113


5740CentralFRONT2I have a thing for old houses and the people that love them. There is something about a well-loved, lived in home. It gets me every time. This listing is a project – there are endless possibilities for what the right person could do with this old house. I attended high-school just down the street at St. Teresa’s Academy, and many of my friends grew up on this block.


This family lived here for over 40 years. The lady of the house told me some pretty good stories. For example, on the corner of 58th and Central, just off Wornall, while most kids were having lemonade stands, her daughter opted to have a Beer Stand. It did quite well until her parents realized where their supply was going.



The family enjoyed walks to nearby Loose Park to feed the ducks and enjoy the outside. The proximity to the Trolley Trail and Plaza made this neighborhood even more appealing for them. Still, to this day, neighbors pick flowers from the lilac bush in the front yard.






This is a true double lot in an incredible area of Kansas City. The house has good bones, and needs the right buyer to come in and turn it into something amazing. You can imagine the potential – a charming white picket fence along the property line, an open kitchen and dining room with the mud room in the back, an inviting sun porch on the main level and a fixed up sitting room on the master. You can choose to expand the upstairs or keep the sun deck.






Plus, the extensive train tracks in the basement come with the house. If you want to take a look or know a good investor, please contact me at 816-401-6514 or  Check out all the other things I offer as a real estate agent by clicking here. 







Cauliflower What?!

Cauliflower rice.

That’s what I said and I am sticking to it. It is a paleo staple, which is weird considering they probably didn’t use food processors to turn cauliflower into rice in paleolithic times. 

It is perfect for times like last night. I made an awesome chicken stew from one of my favorite cookbooks but it could have really used…what are those things called? Oh yeah, carbs. It could’ve used a big fat carb. Maybe even just a piece of bread so I could practice the italian art of scarpetta (soaking up sauce with bread). It just could’ve used something. Fortunately, I had something. 

There are two different versions for making cauliflower rice that I have tried. The first is what I did last night. I bought cauliflower, chopped off the root part, and put it in chunks in my food processor. You protein shake freaks can use your Ninja or blender. Pulse it, and turn it into a rice-like consistency. (Takes about 15 seconds) Meanwhile, heat up a diced onion in some coconut oil on your stove. Throw some chopped garlic in there. Then push the onion to the side after its slightly browned and add the cauliflower. You may need to add more oil. Heat it up for a good five minutes, stirring while you go. There you have it – cauliflower rice, part I. Add salt, pepper, anything you want to spice it up depending on your main dish.

We put it in the bottom of our bowls, and spooned our stew over it. Delicious. 

Keep in mind my husband is Italian, from Jersey, says “col-ee-flower”, and still loves this stuff. 

Another option for the lazy version of me that I believe tastes GREAT is cauliflower rice, part deus, oven style. 

Heat oven to 475. 

You start off the same way. Chop, food process for 10-15 seconds. Then put it in a big bowl. Add some melted coconut oil or your fat of choice, season with salt, pepper, whatever you want. Toss it all together. Then put it on a cookie sheet (note to self – maybe line that cookie sheet for easier clean up). Spread it all out evenly, and roast it for 20-25 minutes. 


Seriously, even the dog begs for it. 

Great Guide to Kansas City Neighborhoods

Thinking about moving to the middle of America? Or are you already here, and wondering which neighborhood is right for you? I think this is a good overall general description of Kansas City neighborhoods and can point you in the right direction no matter which side of State Line Road you are considering.

Click here for a good overview! 

Let me know if you are interested in understanding a bit more about any of these neighborhoods – it is easy for me to tell you the average price of a home, what homes are for sale, or how to turn your monthly rent payment for an apartment in Westport into a monthly mortgage payment for a house in nearby Hyde Park.